BEFAG wooden flooring consists of three parts. The lower and the middle layer are made of pinewood. The top layer is made of hard wood types, which are available in various colours adjustable to the atmosphere of the space.


The top layer consists of one lamella.


The top layer consists of two lamella rows.


The top layer consists of three lamella rows.

Not all woods are equally hard. For rooms with a high degree of wear and tear we suggest using strips made of a harder timber. The chart below compares the hardness of different species.

Black walnut – 2,8 kg/mm2
Black cherry – 2,8 kg/mm2
Steamed beech – 3,3 kg/mm2
Oak – 3,5 kg/mm2
Turkey oak – 3,5 kg/mm2
Ash – 3,5 kg/mm2
Acacia – 4,8 kg/mm2
Canadian maple – 4,8 kg/mm2
Merbau – 4,9 kg/mm2
Jatoba – 6,5 kg/mm2

Data based on literature; for information purposes only.

All our standard products come with a 21-year warranty for the structure and a 5-year warranty for the finish, as stated in the Warranty leaflet.

  • Dimensions of a single strip: length × width × thickness
    = 2200 mm × 192 mm × 14 mm | = 2200 mm × 192 mm × 13 mm
  • Package contents = 6 boards = 2.534 m2
  • Specific weight: approx. 8 kg/m2
  • 1 pallet = 88.69 m2 = 35 packages approx. 709 kg
  • A full truck = 33 pallets = 2926.770 m2

Befag strip floors can be installed in rooms with floor heating. For this purpose please choose one of our products marked with the appropriate symbol in our catalogue. Please note that certain rules need to be complied with when designing and installing the floor heating system and also during the installation of the wooden flooring itself. For further information please refer to our detailed leaflet titled „Combining floor heating with wooden flooring”.

  • Flooring strips should be transported in a clean, dry environment and must be protected from moisture and physical damage.
  • Please store indoors, in a dry room protected from the elements of weather until the time of installation. Make sure the strips cannot absorb moisture from the environment.
  • While storing and installing wooden fl ooring please ensure optimum temperature and air humidity.
  • Optimum storage and installation conditions equal 8-9 % equilibrium moisture content in the timer – this translates to 40-55 % relative humidity at 20 °C.

Wooden flooring with surface finishes different from those depicted above are also available upon request. Please inquire at


The CLASSIC line features a traditional nut and groove joints. Strips are installed using glue.

magyar termékThe PanLock self-sealing system features mechanically interlocking joints that can be installed without any glue. These joints can withstand normal wear and tear and individual strips will not get dislodged by accident. A great advantage of this system is that strips can be freely removed and reinstalled without any damage.

Photographs shown here cannot reproduce the full beauty of the colour and grain diversity that exists in timber despite the most careful matching even within batches of the same quality category. Therefore we advise that you visit your local Befag distributor or the manufacturer before making your final purchase decision.

According to the EN 13489 standard, 3 % of different grade than indicated is acceptable.