BRUSHING: The final surface of floor strips is created using special brushes to remove any loose and soft particles up to an exactly controlled depth. This method enhances and emphasises the natural grain of the timber.
BEVELLING: The two longitudinal or all four edges of the strips are bevelled at 30°, thereby creating V-shaped grooves between the installed strips.
LIMEWASHING: Grooves created by structural finishing are filled with a white substance to create the final surface.
SEMI-GLOSS LACQUER: This is the most common surface treatment method which creates an easy to clean surface comprising eight layers of lacquer and featuring sealed pores and good scratch and abrasion resistance.
MATT LACQUER: A surface treatment method creating a surface that is easy to clean and closely resembles the subdued shine of natural wood surfaces. Its physical resistance is similar to semi-gloss lacquer.
MATT LACQUER WITH AN OIL-FINISH EFFECT: A surface treatment method that leaves the pores unsealed, thus further enhancing the natural grain of wood.
STAINING: Staining enables us to change the colour of the wood and stress its original hue without masking up the natural grain of the surface.
READY-MADE OIL FINISH: A surface treatment method using natural oils to lend a natural appearance to the wood by emphasising the beauty of its grain. It does not require further oil treatment. Even though it is more resilient than natural oil finish, it can retain its original beauty with regular care only.

UNFINISHED: Strips have a finely sanded surface and can be treated by any surface treatment method (oiling, staining, lacquering) after installation as requested by the client.

HEAVY-DUTY LACQUER: A surface finish with increased abrasion resistance recommended for rooms with above the average wear (offices, community rooms etc.).

SPORT LACQUER: This finish complies with the requirements of EN14904. Owing to its special characteristics it prevents accidents caused by slippery floors and also injuries inflicted by an abrasive surface.

FIRE-RESISTANT LACQUER: Wooden flooring featuring this surface treatment system has a Cfl-s1 fire rating and can, therefore, be used in rooms requiring high fire resistance rating.